7 Reasons Why People Smoking.

Why people smoking? Cigarettes are chemicals that settle in the body causing the opiate that can not be denied pleasure. Why would someone choose to smoke? There is an important reason behind all these habits. This may start with the wrong decision that is "Just a try". There are many examples or bad effects caused by cigarettes, that cigarettes contain nicotine that has the properties of opium that makes the smoker difficult to escape from dependence. Then what makes a person a smoker?

There is no one good reason why people smoking
1. It is the Matter of Choice and They Are Ready to Bear the Risk.

Everyone is free to choose his way of life, as well as in smoking. My friend says, "smoking is an option". Maybe there's a point. A smoker certainly knows the dangers of smoking, let alone it is written directly behind the package of cigarettes. However, they still choose to smoke because it has become their choice. About the disease caused by smoking, it will be a risk that they should bear. Other people just see it.

2. Curiosity.

Advertising gives effect to the recipient of the information. A smoker is portrayed as a glamorous person, a man who is admired by many of the opposite sex making a recital to try and see the "efficacy" of cigarettes. Understanding of the harmful effects of cigarettes contributed to the decision.

3. Stimulation of creativity: help in finding inspiration.

Maybe for someone who does not smoke, this reason seems less reasonable. Do you want to look for inspiration to smoke first? But that's what they say. By smoking, they become easier to find inspiration. In fact, sometimes the inspiration sounds absurd. Many smokers believe that smoking makes them more focused, more creative, and feel more refreshed. This assumption is caused by the content of nicotine in cigarettes.

A smoker will be difficult to get out of cigarettes. Every time he will often be seen with a cigarette in his hand. Not smoking all day can make him feel sleepy. This will certainly disrupt its activities. He became lethargic and lackluster. Therefore, he will remain smoking to awaken his spirits.

4. Psychological / Stress Factors.

Because of the effects of smoking, smoking is often believed to reduce nervous tension, relieve fatigue, relax the supply, and create a sense of relief. Myths like this that make a person has a great desire and dependence on to smoke when he is stressed, anxious, or facing problems. Nicotine is a compound that can stimulate the human brain to remove dopamine, this substance that contributes to the emergence of a sense of calm, comfortable, and appreciated.

However, when nicotine is reduced dopamine will be reduced so that anxiety, anxiety, and other psychological conditions will come back. This causes a smoker not to stop smoking when he is stressed, anxious or facing a problem. Though the cigarette itself is a true stressor, a source of stress.

5. Behavior / Habits.

Someone is encouraged to smoke often because of habit. After eating habits, drinking coffee or drinking tea, and when doing certain activities. Behavior that is done continuously will become a habit and feel "less" if not done. To overcome it eliminate that behavior, because the habit can also be changed.

6. Influence of the movie and advertising.

In the movies are often shown smoking people, main characters, and antagonists. Watching youngsters becoming influenced, though not as cute as the movie players, they feel as cool as they smoke. Studies show that when young viewers see the main characters smoking, they are more likely to see cigarettes as socially acceptable, stylish and desirable. This is what ultimately makes people start to experiment with cigarettes and addictions.

Today many films in some countries have started to warn of the dangers of smoking. In fact, every scene there is a smoking person will appear that warning. They may find it unnatural to display daily life where no one smokes. In the US no longer have cigarette advertisements aired on TV. While in the cigarette advertisement magazine always include the dangers of smoking.

7. The influence of parents.

If a parent smokes, his or her children will assume that it is something commonplace. By itself, they will grow up to become smokers. There is even more tragic, there is news of children addicted to smoking because his parents gave him cigarettes. From an early age, he was taught smoking and his parents were proud to see it, what else when it became world news. It's pity for the fate of a child who is poisoned unknowingly by his or her own parents. Such parents are clearly less knowledgeable about the dangers of smoking.

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