Understanding Communication Within The Family.

Communication within the family is a way to share and interact and understand each other differences at different age levels. Like the interaction between parent and child. Interaction within the family is also an organizing that uses words, gestures, intonation of voices, actions to create a hope, expressions of feeling and mutual sharing. The main purpose of family communication is to initiate and maintain the interaction between one member with another so as to create effective communication.

Communication in the family.

The characteristic of an interaction between each individual will always be an emotional expression. Especially communications within families that characterize interpersonal relationships. The characteristics of this relationship tend to be more complex. Every individual in the family is required to train themselves to receive various effects positively and provide positive feedback.

This indicates that communication within the family requires the readiness of the attitude to talk openly about anything pleasant or unpleasant in the family. Every individual in the family is committed to getting ready to solve family problems with the conversation that is lived with patience and honesty and openness.

From the side of parents, family interaction is a means to convey information, advice, educate and please the children. And children communicate with parents is to get advice, advice, convey various circumstances.Tentunya this interaction process runs on the basis of a sense of affection from both parties and a sense of mutual need.

The affecting factors in Family Communications.

The process of communication between two individuals will always occur fluctuations. Sometimes a person can communicate well with others. Other times a person may not be able to communicate well to others. This is because a person is not necessarily at the same level of understanding at the same time. This can happen in the family and often it becomes something that often happens in the family. This will adversely affect the quality of communication within the family. But let's take look at the factors that can affect communication within the family.


Everyone has their own image. A person's self-image will determine how a person communicates, expresses and percepts a person. When two people communicate, there will be an adjustment between the two parties. The process of interaction between two individuals of different characters will result in a positive interaction as both seek to complement each other, equate the views and appreciate the difference in understanding.

Psychological condition.

A person's psychological condition is recognized to have a major influence on an interpersonal communication. Communication will be difficult when someone is sad, confused, upset, jealous, always prejudiced by bad or negative, and other psychological moods.

Atmosphere, environment, tradition and culture.

  • Atmosphere. Delightful atmosphere conditions and mutual respect in the family tends to allow each family member to communicate with each other, exchange opinions and help each other in finding solutions. While uncomplicated condition, such as frequent quarrels between family members will reduce the level of communication within the family.
  • Environment. The environmental conditions in which a family resides include a very influential factor in family communication. Poor environments, where there are often bad phrases will adversely affect communication within the family. Convey something with a rough language, children whimpolitelyimpolite, and so on. Similarly, a good environment will have a positive impact in the growth of family communication.
  • Tradition and culture. Tradition and culture also play an important role in the growth of communication within the family. Each tradition has its own norms according to the prevailing customs. Not a few of us meet, families in urban communities still uphold the communication ethics in the family.

Age difference.

Communication is affected by age. It means that everyone can not speak at will without regard to whom to talk to. Talk to a different child when talking to teenagers. Talking to an older person will be different from a person of the same age. Each requires a different attitude in communicating.

The role of parents.

The role of Parents is the most important factor in build a relationship within the family. Under no circumstances what happens in the family. In whatever environment a family resides. And from whatever traditions and culture a family comes from, the positive role of the parents remains the benchmark of bad or good the relationship within the family.

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