How To Be Healthy Happy Family?

How To Be Healthy Happy Family? And who does not want his family to be healthy and prosperous? Surely, everyone would want it. And it was a dream by every couple who want to perpetuate their relationship to the marriage level. A healthy family is one of infinite wealth.A wealth that can not be valued with money.
The Inspirations to be a healthy happy family

Various researchers and surveys are conducted in many families in the United States. The survey was conducted to obtain formulations and characteristics of a healthy family. The study was conducted based on various family characteristics. Single parents, families in urban and rural areas, based on ethnicity, traditional families and modern families, including differences in economic levels.

Understanding healthy lifestyle in the family.

Each family must have its own way of taking care of the family in everyday life, including how to care for children and lifestyle. There are still many families who have not implemented a healthy lifestyle due to many factors, such as family economics, parents' educational background, and many others. The survey results show that healthy families reflect the high quality of a family's life. These qualities contain mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and social health.

Implementing a healthy lifestyle does not require that you have an established economy. You also do not have to completely abandon your work activities to implement a healthy family. All families can live a healthy lifestyle with various things. But indeed to make it happen it takes a struggle, perseverance, and patience. The following are practical ways on how we can realize a healthy lifestyle in our family.

1. Build mental and spiritual health of the family.

Building a mental and spiritual health in the family is the most important part. To established both of these in the family is strongly influenced by the important role of parents in build a communication and interaction within the family. Because this will unify the various differences in the characteristics of each family member that leads to a togetherness which gives a comfortable feeling, feel safe, feel protected, and the growth of self-confidence and positive mindset in each individual in the family. And when this is fulfilled in the souls of every family member, especially the children, it will further facilitate them in developing their mental and spiritual character.

Parents are the best mockup for their children.

Mental and spiritual behavior include the good morals in the parents are the best and the closest examples to their children. Children will not behave politely towards their parents if they get and see many negative behaviors in their parents. Even a further adverse effect, when children begin to imitate the negative behavior of their parents, whether it happened in consciously or not.

Religious Education/Spirituality.

In many families in the modern society, the role of religious education is increasingly marginalized. However religious education is a good foundation for maintaining mental health, especially spiritual intelligence in the life of a family.It totally can help the humans heal and build himself. This spiritual intelligence resides in the deepest part of the self that deals directly with the wisdom and consciousness with which man not only recognizes the values that exist but man creatively finds new values. Every human being in principle needs this spiritual power because spiritual needs are a necessity for sustaining or developing a belief. And parents are expected to play a role in religious teaching to children.

2. Socialization in the family.

  1. Maintain good relationships with the family. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each family member. Giving a good appreciation of the different views that occur in the family. This will have an impact on the growth of self-confidence and positive thinking in each individual.
  2. Actively maintain activities that can be done together. This will foster various positive potentials in each individual. Being the foundation to improve the strong attachment in the family
  3. Make your family your favorite place to share many things. Provide positive and moral support to each family member. Because this will foster a sense of always returning to the family under any circumstances.
  4. Make your dinner, Sunday and holidays a special time with your family. Because these moments are the most special moment in fostering good relationships among family members.
  5. Avoid prolonged conflicts within the family. Solve it wisely, and immediately find the solution.
  6. Avoid conflicts between spouses (parents)  seen by the children.
  7. Invite the family to participate in fostering social relationships with the environment around the dwelling. Or build relationships with your spouse's extended family.
  8. Get used to having breakfast and dinner together.
  9. Avoid family reliance on gadget addiction.Because it will reduce the level of interaction within the family.
  10. Building commitment to the family. Build and share responsibilities and obligations also help each other among family members.
  11. Avoid your children from promiscuity. Do routine communicates with the child about his activities at school. Get to know her friends and their families.
  12. Once upon a time, take your family away on vacation. Eliminate all family fatigue with daily busyness.

3. Building the physical health of the family.

  1. Make time together to maintain the cleanliness of the house and neighborhood. If you have pets, keep them clean and always check their physical health regularly. Create a sense of shared responsibility for maintaining cleanliness within the family. Cleaning each bedroom.Returns the goods in place. Cleaning the bathroom. Caring for plants and cleaning the garden, etc.
  2. Always set aside funds to regularly maintain and check the physical health of each family member.
  3. Avoid your family from smoking, drugs, and drinking alcohol.
  4. Be sure to always serve a full menu variation every day. The menu consists of sources of carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins, fiber, and minerals derived from rice, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  5. Always provide healthy foods and drinks. Do not let your family depend on fast food. Make sure your family gets the nutritional intake and nutritious food.
  6. Get used to your family eating regularly. This is to support the body's natural metabolism so that the body gets the nutritional intake just in time. Eat in time also to reduce the possibility of obesity due to overeating or overeating at night.
  7. Encourage your family to get together to do sports activities, especially in the morning.
It seems there was a lot of work we have to do. But living a healthy lifestyle is basically not a difficult thing as long as all of the family members properly understand a healthy lifestyle and committed to do it together to achieve a healthy happy family. Hopefully this article useful for you.


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