Overcome The Ulcer Without Drugs.

Overcoming ulcer without drugs may be an option if you are affected by ulcer disease. Ulcer disease is a type of digestive disorder is most widely afflicted by the wider community, especially experienced by the workers. This happens because of irregular eating habits and eating foods that are not appropriate.

If you've had a bad diet, for example, always skipping breakfast, lunch over two o'clock, or even eating only once a day, can trigger the disease. Foods that you consume can cause the ulcer. Too much to eat fried foods, consume caffeine on an empty stomach, is a bad habit that makes the Maag easy to come.

prevent and overcome ulcer without drugs.
The Ulcer
Various medicines ulcer has been circulated widely just to keep the recurrence. When the recurrence, the stomach can feel twisted and sick, as well as burning heat after eating. This pain sensation can usually occur when there is a delay in eating time. Or incorrectly consume a type of food that is too fat or in an amount that is too much to make stomach acid turbulent. The function of medicines is generally to neutralize stomach acid so that no stomach acid accumulation in the stomach wall.

Before taking painkillers, try to overcome the ulcer in a natural way. Without drugs, heartburn can subside by doing the following.

Eating Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is often a reference to natural ingredients heal burns and small wounds. However, aloe vera is also good to overcome the condition of the ulcer. In aloe vera, there is a laxative ingredient called barbaloin, aloindan aloe-emodin which also contains anti-inflammatory properties. You can make aloe vera juice if you do not like it in the whole form.

Chewing gum.

Chewing gum is an easy, cheap and can be done by anyone. A study at Wake Forest University, Northern California shows that chewing gum acts can increase the levels of esophageal and pharyngeal pH, so as to relieve stomach acid upset. Thanks to cuddling, stomach acid can also be stable.

Sleep sideways.

Sleeping in the supine position can worsen acid reflux at night, especially if done in a long time. By sleeping sideways to the left, stomach acid turbulence that causes burning can be overcome. But on the other hand, sleep sideways to the right can actually trigger the occurrence of heartburn that would be avoided. This can happen because of the longer time it takes for the stomach acid to escape thoroughly from the esophagus. Recumbent sleep also disrupts the acid flow of the stomach from the esophagus. Be sure to sleep on your left side of the body.

Eating licorice.

Licorice is an herbal root, combined with peppermint and chamomile can help relieve symptoms of ulcer most serious. Licorice has a healing effect on the abdominal wall and provides protection against harmful gastrointestinal bacteria. In addition, licorice is also able to relieve inflammation. However, further research is still needed to confirm its usefulness.

Apart from the tips above, regular eating is the best option to prevent and overcome ulcer without drugs.

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