How About Taking Care of Your Kids Health?

How About Taking Care of Your Kids Health? Efforts to maintain the health of kids can be done through everyday behavior. Getting your kids to eat nutritious food or washing hands before and after meals is a healthy habit that plays an important role in protecting the Small from the point of various seeds of disease. Habits that are planted early on will be the basis of the pattern of life of the kids until later their grow adult. Below are some tips for maintaining the kids health is important for you to know.

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Consume nutritious intake.

One way to keep a kids health is to make sure he is always consuming nutritious intake. Serve always nutritious food that is good for health, both in the main menu and snack. Limit your kids' frequency outside the home.

It is better if you make your own snack for your kids so that the nutritional intake and cleanliness is more secure. Give a proper understanding of the reasons he should not snack haphazardly, for example, the food is not guaranteed to be clean, so he risked stomach pain, cough, runny nose, sore throat.

Reduce intake of high sugars.

Kids are happy to eat sweet foods, such as cookies, candy, chocolate, bread, and so forth. This is reasonable because the sugar content in the food can stimulate the expenditure of endorphins that make the Small feel relaxed and happy. As a result of that effect, he wanted to eat sweet foods and drinks.

However, you need to know that eating too many sweet foods can be bad for your child's health. He is at risk of obesity and other nutritional deficiencies from consuming too much sugar. Consumption of excess sugar can also damage the health of teeth. So, limit your intake of foods and high-sugar drinks to keep your kids health. If your child really likes sweet foods and drinks, you can give the fruit that tastes sweet as a replacement. Or, make a sweet snack with sugar content is not excessive, rather than buying high-sugared processed foods.

Familiarize kids to eat fruit.

Almost all types of fruit have a good nutritional value for kids. The fruits do not have to be expensive. Bananas, oranges, apples are very good for kids health. If children do not like to eat fruit, then serve the fruit in the form of juice. For the record, easily chewed fruit such as bananas and papaya can be given directly, while oranges should be squeezed.

Sleep regularly.

Kids need much more sleep than adults. Meet the needs of the baby is an effective way to maintain the kids health. Sleep needs of children aged 1-3 years, for example, is 12-14 hours per day. Meanwhile, children aged 4-6 years need to sleep as much as 11-13 hours per day. Meet the needs of the Little Sleep and create a regular sleep pattern, yes, you, as part of the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping the child clean.

In the dirty state of germs and disease seeds quickly multiply, therefore you as parents MUST keep clean like:
  • 1. maintain the cleanliness and health of his teeth.
  • 2. maintain the cleanliness of nails and other limbs.
  • 3. keep the clothes clean.
  • 4. Clean your kids' room. Periodically clean your kids' room. Replace the bed sheets and pillowcases at least once a week and clean the room from useless objects. Sweep the floor twice a day and mop 2 times a week. Thus the rooms in the small are kept clean and certainly comfortable.

Teach to move on.

Most kids would love to watch TV. Generally, they can spend hours watching their favorite cartoon series. This makes it lazy to move, which in turn can increase the risk of various diseases. The American Heart Association recommends watching a child's television for up to 2 hours per day.

It's good to encourage children to get used to exercising early on. With age, it will be more difficult to build kids habits to meet the needs of physical activity.

Broadly speaking, active activity, especially exercise can help various body tissues to grow, and train the body to be able to coordinate well. By actively moving, various bone tissues, muscles, and joints will be able to absorb nutrients better so it can grow stronger.

Examples of active activities that the kids can do in the room that is, dancing, up and down stairs, and role-playing (role-playing). Meanwhile, outdoor activities that require the Little to move a lot, for example, are running, cycling, climbing trees, gardening, playing ball, and many more. Active moves can help protect the Little from the risk of obesity and other diseases associated with the condition of obesity.

Provide an understanding of the importance of maintaining personal health. Education of sexual knowledge given early on will make it easier for kids to increase confidence, healthy personality, as well as acceptance of themselves positively. You can provide explanations to the kids with simple, easy-to-understand language that only those who can keep their own bodies in order to stay healthy, clean and awake. For example by teaching him how to clean and care for the genital area properly and correctly.

If you are talking about keeping yourself healthy and sex, then you are also ready to talk about childhood puberty. Girls need to know about breast development and menstruation. Boys need to know about erections and wet dreams.

Do not assume the two things are taboo. It is important to teach sexual education to your teenager. If they do not get the info from you, they will get some of the info from a source that is not obviously origin and precisely wrong.

Check your kids health regularly.

Abnormalities or diseases in kids often do not show symptoms. When left, of course, can adversely affect the growth and development of children. Therefore, health checks on kids should be done routinely, including when healthy. When to start a medical checkup on kids? Of course, from newborn to teenage.
regularly check-kids health

In the medical examination of kids will be anamnesis (question - answer about medical history), physical examination by the doctor, and laboratory examination. Laboratory tests include blood tests as well as urine and feces. This needs to be done to detect the presence of vulnerable diseases in kids and often asymptomatic.

In addition, to give advice and get used to the kids doing a variety of healthy habits, you should also give a good example directly. If you consistently apply a healthy lifestyle, then it more easy to taking care of your kids health. Kids also become easier to imitate your habits and make it as a pattern of his life as well.

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