Variety Benefits of Mahogany Fruits and Seed for Health.

Variety of health benefits of mahogany ranging from fruit to seeds and trees for health is quite popular among herbs. Mahogany trees, found in the South Pacific region living in the Solomon Islands. This mahogany plant is known for its beautiful wood used for furniture and carving. However, mahogany plants also have lesser known uses, seed parts and mahogany fruit can be milled and taken for a variety of health benefits.

Efficacy of the mahogany for health

Mahogany comes from the West Indies, can grow in the brackish sand near the coast. The mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla) grows in most Asian countries. Mahogany wood is also often used for various purposes such as textiles, and also furniture.

Mahogany seeds are known in which mahogany trees grow and are familiarly used as part of a varied and healthy diet. In addition, grind the mahogany seeds into a powder and drink it with water. Currently, mahogany extract is present in capsule form, as a dietary supplement. Mahogany seeds contain 33 types of flavonoids and 27 types of saponins, this can be more nutrient-rich in other nutrient-dense plants, such as ginseng. It also contains various vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids needed for healthy body functions.
Content of Mahogany Seeds.

Controlling Blood Sugar.

Another positive benefit of the mahogany seed is its effect that is able to regulate blood sugar. For diabetics, consuming 1/2 teaspoon of powdered mahogany with warm water before meals can help keep blood sugar levels stable. The content of saponins that exist in mahogany plants, directly responsible for helping remove blood sugar.

Reduces Alzheimer's.

If suffering from Alzheimer's disease, can add mahogany to the food, such as mahogany seed powder in brewed with a cup of milk. Alzheimer's disease is incurable and is not regenerative, therefore forms of relief for such a survival are indispensable.

Menstrual Pain.

Women who are experiencing menstrual pain can curb this pain with the help of mahogany. Eating a dash of mahogany on the first day of the menstrual cycle will reduce the pain.

Healthful Heart.

One of the greatest benefits of the mahogany seed is its effect on improving blood circulation. Flavonoids in the seeds of mahogany directly help in improving circulation, while saponins are good for heart health. The combination of nutrients in the mahogany seeds makes a good natural treatment to promote better heart health and blood circulation.

Insect Repellent.

Mahogany seeds taken in powder form, can serve as a kind of insect repellent spray. Specifically, saponins in their seeds tend to prevent insects. For people living in tropical climates or who can not avoid contact with insects such as malaria-carrying mosquitoes, mahogany powder can be used as a supplement to increase protection against insect-borne diseases.

Pregnancy Level.

If you are trying to conceive and start a family, but are unable to do so because of impotence, the mahogany can do wonders. The fruits that are consumed can increase the chance of fertility.

Overcome lack of appetite.

If it is possible we wonder why the body can not gain weight with all the healthy foods that have been consumed. Mahogany fruit can be another choice, which is beneficial for those who want to increase appetite. Thus will gain weight gradually.


Efficacy of the mahogany seed is able to treat hypertension. Simply by collecting 8 grams of mahogany seeds, then brewed with 2 glasses of hot water. After cool then filter and divide into two parts / glass. Drink in the morning and afternoon.

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