Do not Forget About Yourself & Your Family Just For Material Matters.

Sometimes, we neglect and do not make smart priorities in life. We are stuck in the routine because it is too focused on work and material achievement. So neglect the family and miss the precious moments in living with family. Many things later after we grow old will lead to a regret.


Do not sacrifice the moments with your family.

Workload should not keep you away from family. Deadline office tasks to overtime duties should not prevent you from interacting with your family. After work or on weekends should be the time you can spend together; just chatting, eating together, going for a walk, or going on holiday.

Balancing between work and family is not an easy matter. But, when you successfully combine the two, your life is definitely much more perfect. After all, work and family are two things that are indeed related. The work does satisfy your material needs, but your family will provide you with love, affection, and attention.

Do not forget your love for your spouse.

There are times when you are too busy with work. Spend time from morning to night in the office. Until you no longer have time to share the feelings, convey feelings of love to your spouse. No longer praise the meal your partner has prepared. No more warm hugs. No warm kisses. No more sharing stories and making out with your spouse in bed. Even your smile is gone, swallowed by the deadline that you will do tomorrow. Or even your partner is just a stranger who is with you in bed.

Always love your family

Your child always misses you.

Your child is not just your responsibility and obligation. A child is a place to express your love and affection. Do not let your child through their night's sleep without a word "I Love you .." or "good night sweetie .." or any other sweet words that come from you and your spouse dan and you actually also need the sweet words of your child. An hour? ... half an hour? ... or maybe just a few seconds the word came out of your mouth. But if "one second" is not your time to convey your love for your children, I believe it will be an endless remorse in your old age. Indeed your child does "WANT" you buy him shoes, toys, school fees, etc. But your child "MORE NEED" your attention, your funny story, your caress. You are their hero, and you are the place where they can unleash all their feelings.

Do the routine you can do with your family. Conducting activities that can rebuild togetherness with your family:
  • Walking around. Walking with family does not have to go far or travel abroad. Children are quite happy when invited parents to go places that have never visited before, such as games rides, bookstores, museums, or around the park around the housing in the morning. Traveling with father makes the child feel comfortable and safe because there is someone who always keeps and protect it.
  • Surprising journey. Give surprise to your baby by taking her away to fun places suddenly, like taking her to her favorite restaurant, buy an icecream or taking her to the playground. According to Jill Savage, a mother of five children and author of eight books on parenting, a surprise that is not a daily routine can make the baby feel happy and closer to the parents.
  • Gather the whole family and play together. Starting from card games, monopoly, scrabble, or anything that can involve the whole family and make your baby feel happy. If your baby is in his teens and no longer likes the games mentioned, take him to where he wants to be. Try not to refuse his invitation when he wants to do what he likes with you.
  • Eating together. When family members are busy with their respective affairs, eating together becomes one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the child. Because that's when all members of the family get together and can enjoy the togetherness and family familiarity that emerged through the light talks that took place on the sidelines of eating. Little things like this will continue to be remembered by the child even until he was growing up and already married.
  • Cooking together. According to Bryce Gruber who is a mother and also editor of 'The Luxury Spot', cooking with your kids at least a few times a week is a great way to strengthen family closeness. In addition to maintaining closeness, cooking with you also indirectly teaches your child how to cook and set the table.
  • Watching a movie together. Take time to spend the weekend watching movies with the whole family at home or going to the movies. In addition to fun, your child will also enjoy when learning to make popcorn before the show begins. Although this is an easy thing to do, not all parents are aware that this can be done to strengthen the relationship with his family.
  • Share a story. Every child wants to share stories about what he or she is experiencing and does every day. So no wonder he will always find the nearest person, the parents as their place to share stories.
  • Having a joke.The figure of father and mother does not have to be always assertive and authoritative. Sometimes he can also joke to melt the atmosphere to be more familiar with his son. When being gathered together, for example, the father and mother will provide a unique guess that the answer sometimes does not make sense but it is funny. On one occasion, the father also performs a fantasy like teasing the child by saying something funny. Although small things, children sometimes feel homesick when joking with the father.

Yourself needs you.

Also, do not sacrifice yourself. As a professional, you must have the ability to manage a qualified time. This is important as long as you expect to have a balanced life - can do as many things as you want. Love yourself. Learn to manage your time wisely.
  • Sleep with a fairly regular time. Your body needs moments for adjustments to back up your activities the next day.
  • Do the exercise. Routine wake up morning will always give new spirit. Do a morning exercise, and enjoy the morning air so your body is always fresh.
  • Healthy food. Remember, do not let the busy work make you eat carelessly. do not rely on fast food. Give your body healthy foods to always support your activity.
  • Do not just think about work. You also need other activities that can please you. You can pursue your hobby; fishing, bowling or buying toys that might be your favorite when you were a kid.

Your treasures will be meaningless if you forget to share.

What you are is how you treat those whose lives are not as fortunate as you. Try to share and do good deeds. Giving not only can make you happy, but it certainly makes you better, and change life around you for the better. To be sure, there are many ways to help others; through social institutions, orphanages, to be as simple as taking care of abandoned animals. Imagine when everyone in this world does not feel reluctant to help each other. At that moment, this life will much more precious.

Do not underestimate your relationship with your friends.

Be assured that in the absence of your friends in your life, life will not be pleasant enough to live. Friends are those who can make you laugh while occasionally giving you enlightening advice. Together they can share your secrets and complain.

The importance of friends makes you worthy of good relationships with all of them. At least, always take time to meet, just chatting while drinking coffee or a walk together. Though busy, a bit of your time is a manifestation of your care for those you call friends.

Hard work is fine, but do not forget to be happy!

Many other things are not less important in your life. Those are the things that make you feel the satisfaction of life. Believe that you are entitled to the life you really want to live. To be sure, it's fine to treat yourself, and your family also the people around you, because that's where your happiness and wealth are.

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