Am I Ready to Become a Father?

This question often comes to the minds of men when they find out that their partner shows the two lines of pregnancy on a pregnancy test. On this earth, there is no such thing as a school that teaches to be a parent or to be a Father. When you become a father, you indirectly learn while practicing the role directly. Regarding being ready and not ready, only you know the answer from the bottom of your heart.

And if during your wife's pregnancy, you are always haunted by these four questions, don't worry. This is natural for almost all prospective fathers. We will help you answer this question and convince yourself that you are ready to become a father.

Is having a child have a bad impact on a wife's relationship?
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Am I able to care and raise my child?

No one can ever answer this question, even if your partner is pregnant and giving birth. The first phase that will be passed is, how to take care of the innocent little creatures that will appear in this world? Different for those of you who have often worked or cared for a baby, maybe more relaxed doing this. But, what about men who have never touched a diaper though?

As time goes by, you will learn how to care for and raise children in your own way. You will also meet other people (friends, relatives, or maybe your own parents) that you can ask for advice, opinions, and life lessons to be a father. Here, you are expected to get an enlightenment that will bring you how to educate a human being.

Never be ashamed or hesitant to ask or ask for help from people who are experienced in answering your questions when they will become fathers.

Why do I feel scared?

Naturally, feeling panic, shock, fear, confusion, or feeling unprepared when you are announced to be a father soon. Because you will meet with a big change, of course, you will also need a large adjustment. So, it is normal for the mood to be changed, much to fear in the future, or even to think that you are not ready for all this.

Would I be a good father?

One thing you need to remember, when you become a father, you cannot pass all the stages at once well. There will definitely be a little wrong or wrong thinking. It's the same situation as when you wonder if you can be a good husband to your beloved wife.

If you still feel confused, scared, and doubtful, you can go to parenting classes that can provide answers to your anxiety. There, you will discuss important issues when becoming a parent. Invite your partner to discuss, what system you will use when educating and raising your child, and what kind of parents you want to be.

Is having a child have a bad impact on a wife's relationship?

Many prospective parents think that having a baby will make their relationship tight. In fact? Not all couples feel the same way. Need extra understanding and patience from each other, while facing pregnancy and becoming a new parent.

For men, press your side of selfishness as low as possible. For a wife, getting pregnant, giving birth, then caring for a baby is not an easy thing to pass. Find ways to establish good cooperation with your wife, so that you will be more comfortable with a new role as a father. That way, your relationship with your partner will not falter because of the presence of a new human being in your life.

So, am I ready to become a father?

You can be said to be ready to be a father when you read the 4 points above and understand how to do that later. The challenge is good cooperation between yourself and your partner. Make communication and discussion with your partner.

Remember! Billions of men before you also have experience anxiety and fear before becoming a father. But many can go through all of that so they can be called "good fathers" by their own children.

Nobody knows how you will go through all this when you turn into a father figure. All that needs to be done is to think and look for wise answers to the issues of educating children and being good parents. Don't forget to understand each other and strengthen each other with your partner, so that in the future you can live well, remembering to be a parent is a journey that you will take.

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