The Effect Drinking Cold Water After Meal.

Drinking cold water after a meal is very refreshing. But you need to be aware of the effects of drinking cold water after meal. According to several studies, drinking cold water after eating will freeze the oily food you just consumed. The habit of drinking cold water after eating will narrow the intestinal tract. Freezing freshly eaten oily foods will slow down the digestive process. Some other effects that can be caused are:


When cold drinks enter the body, enzymes in the stomach react with cold temperatures. Abdominal muscles become cramps. Then the stomach feels bloated due to the appearance of gas in our stomach.

Slows heartbeat.

Stimulation of the vagus nerve due to drinking ice water can slow the heart's performance. Keep in mind, the vagus nerve has an important role in the body's unconscious activities, such as heart rate.

Freezing occurs in the brain.

Drinking cold water will increase blood flow to the brain so we suddenly feel dizzy which then slowly disappears (brain clotting). People with a history of migraine, have a high potential to experience brain clots. Organ that is very sensitive to this temperature (brain), must be sure to stay warm. Drink plain water, especially after eating. Do not aggravate the work of the body by drinking ice water.

Loss of nutrition.

In order for the body temperature to return to normal after drinking cold water, the body needs extra work. Even though the body must digest food and absorb nutrients. Because the body's energy is widely used to regulate our body temperature, nutrients from the food we consume are not optimally absorbed.

Triggering throat inflammation.

The throat is inflamed due to mucus in the lining of the esophagus. The mucus triggers are drinks that are too cold.

Narrowing the digestive tract.

The fats that form in the intestine will narrow the digestive tract and over time will cause fat to gather. This can cause you to get fatter so that your body is susceptible to germs.

To prevent bad things from happening you should change the habit of drinking ice after eating by drinking warm water. In addition to refreshing, drinking warm water can help the absorption of food saris better. Reduce the habit of drinking cold water after meal either cooled in the refrigerator or mixed with ice. Cold drinks can cause shrinkage of blood vessels from large to as small as the diameter of our hair.

You must avoid the habit of drinking cold water after a meal
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Some healthy habits that you should do after eating:

  1. Take a short break for about twenty minutes to avoid fat accumulation. After eating, red blood cells will be sent by the brain to help break down food and absorb nutrients, so it is not allowed to sleep after eating.
  2. Light walks are good after eating because they can overcome bloating in the stomach. But give a pause for a moment. Approximately one hour after eating, it would be help the digestive system work.
You must avoid the habit of drinking cold water after a meal, do this for your health to prevent worse health problems.

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