How To Make Your Wife Happy Everyday.

Why do men and women sometimes have difficulty understanding each other? Even after they live under one roof! It is said on the story was all because they came from two different planets. Men from Mars and women from Venus. They meet on earth, fall in love with each other, decided to marry and become husband and wife to make a happy family.

A tips to help you to make your wife happy

Although both have a vision of building a happy family, sometimes they still do not understand the desires and character of each. Many husbands who claim to be still confused by the behavior of his wife who likes to be angry without cause. The wife is sometimes confused by the attitude of the husband who is never sensitive to the wife's wishes.

Even many couples have been married for many years, still do not understand how to make a couple happy. Though there are many easy ways to make your partner happy. So..for husbands, maybe some tips below will help you to make your wife happy.

Surprise her.

If your wife usually wakes up more early than you to prepare a lot of things for you and your children, then you can try to wake up earlier than your wife. Give her a romantic breakfast when she still in the bed. Tell her that you're already done some of her morning chores. You can also invite children to do this together to give her a romantic morning surprise.

Praise your wife.

Basically, women like to be given praise, especially when he is carrying out something that is valuable for the family. Give positive appreciation to your wife so she feels valued.

Give praise when you and your wife are with your business partners. Make your wife a valuable and best person in your life.

You can also give praise when he cooks food for you, don't be stingy to say "your cooking is the best dish I've never found anywhere else". You can also help choose the clothes he wants to use or praise when he wears his favorite clothes. you can also give praise for its ability to look after children and
take care of the place of residence well.

Hold and Hug in Public.

There are many women who feel unhappy about showing intimacy in public, but if the time is right, so hold and squeeze her hand gently. This kind of treatment will convince your wife that she was a precious person that you have in your life.

Hug your wife as often as possible.

After a whole day of working at the office and taking care of the children. You must give your wife an intimate hug. Hugging your wife can stimulate oxytocin, which can produce happy vibes between you and your wife. Hug her and show her that you love her. According to the study, a husband's hug can extend 1 day of the wife's age. Husband's arms can make a wife feel calm, comfort and happiness.

Let her reach what she aspires to.

Every person has their dreams. As a husband, help your wife to achieve what she wants the goal.
Always give him opportunities and support. Don't forbid what he dreamed so far. By giving him
support to get everything he dreamed of, so it will make him happy to have you.

If your wife has a cooking preference, try to be with her while she's cooking. And be the first person to give credit for the dishes she made. Because the step becomes one of the things which can make your wife happy.

Lighten your wife's sadness.

If your wife is facing a problem try to comfort herself. Your wife will be happy to have you as a husband. Don't be the only wife who comforts you, when you experience stress due to work. Be a good listener to the problems your wife faces. Give her a view to helping solve the problem, or at least ease the burden of her problem. Let her feels heard and be the calm one when she was upset.

Treat your wife like a Queen.

Maybe until now she wants herself to be a queen for you as the king, then treat your wife like a queen.  Help her carry her shopping or you can be with children doing other things, while your wife chooses clothes in a shop. Take a little time to drive her to a local salon or clothing store. You can also offer the new places that might she like. Help her with carrying the baby while your wife is shopping.

Give her a gift in special moments.

Women love surprises and gifts, try to find out what your wife wants, then give her in a special moment. A gift is also not necessarily expensive, you can give a few simple things, such as love letters or writings filled with feelings of love for her, favorite food, chocolate or ice cream, funny souvenirs or sweet brooches, and so on.

Always forgive her.

It may be that you are often disturbed by mistakes made by your wife. Maybe your wife forgets to fulfill something you want, careless when doing something, or make mistakes that should not have happened. The best thing you have to do is to avoid blaming your partner.

You can ask why she made that mistake, and immediately forgive her if she has already expressed his regret, and gave her a little explanation about her mistake without having to judge her. You can also discuss it at the appropriate time. Remember, you must always be grateful for what you have from your wife. And never to bring up and exaggerate your wife's mistakes.


Try to always to be honest with your wife. Never lie to your wife. She will surely know your lies one day. Don't let your love bonds be ruin and littered with lies. This kind of thing will really hurt your wife as well as what will happen to you otherwise.

Utilize technology.

Use your gadget to keep communicating with your wife. If she has a hard week in the office, you can ask her what she wants to have lunch,  and if possible, you can deliver it yourself to your her office, or just send it through food delivery with inserting a little intimate word on the post-it paper. If your wife is a complete housewife, ask what she needs, and you will buy it while going home.

Giving her space.

Part of the way to make your wife happier is to give space or free time or privacy for your wife. Allow her to occasionally visit her family or friends without you unless she wants you to come with her. Let him occasionally gather together with her friends. Let her pursue her hobbies and interests.

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