Can I eat ice cream during pregnancy?

Who is not tempted by the delicious ice cream? This cold food never loses fans. From children to adults like to eat ice cream. Unfortunately, in certain conditions, the desire to consume ice cream must be limited, for example, when pregnant. So...Can I eat ice cream during pregnancy?

In some cases, ice cream is safe for you to consume, but precautions are needed as long as the ice cream is not contaminated by harmful bacteria. Ask your doctor what kind of ice cream is safe for consumption during pregnancy.

Consume ice cream containing pasteurized milk during pregnancy.
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Can Pregnant Women Eat Ice Cream?

Actually, during pregnancy, you may consume sweet foods, as long as you don't overdo it. Eating sweet foods like ice cream in excess may cause you to gain weight and are not healthy because ice cream contains high levels of sugar and calories.

Ice cream is not entirely bad to consume because in ice cream calcium is very good for babies, especially for bones and teeth.

Nutrition in Ice Cream.

If you occasionally indulge yourself with ice cream, you will not harm the baby in the womb. Let's see what are the benefits and risks of  ice cream:

  1. Half a cup of ice cream contains about 16 grams of added sugar and 111 calories.
  2. Your chances of giving birth to cesarean section increase if you consume too much ice cream that causes weight gain during pregnancy.
  3. Your baby's weight may be too high and it may be difficult for you to give birth.
  4. The benefits of ice cream for pregnant women, on the other hand, offer healthy calcium which helps with the development of your baby's bones and teeth.
But you must be careful, ice cream is at high risk of causing listeria. It's an infection caused by Listeria monocytogene bacteria. These bacteria are pathogenic bacteria that can thrive in cold temperatures and can survive in the digestive tract. If contaminated food is consumed and can penetrate the intestinal wall then follow the blood flow to penetrate the placenta, it can cause miscarriage or the baby dies.

These bacteria are often found in foods found in stores such as milk, cheese, and meat stores. Cooling machines are also prone to become a place to live this bacteria. If the cooling machine is not cleaned properly, then listeria can raise in the cooling machine and spread to the ice cream. Therefore it is recommended to consume ice cream containing pasteurized milk.

Pasteurized milk is cow's milk which is processed with a temperature heating process of up to 75 degrees Celsius in 15 seconds. This process serves to prevent damage to the content in milk so that the quality of nutrients and microorganism activity can be maintained. That's why ice cream containing pasteurized milk is safe for consumption while pregnant.

If you want to eat ice cream, make sure to also clean the in-store storage area. Don't buy ice cream in a dirty and untreated place. Because in each of these foods, listeria cannot be detected, unlike other types of bacteria, therefore freezing of ice cream does not affect listeria so it can still grow in the ice cream itself.

Tips for Eating Ice Cream for Pregnant Women.

You don't need to hold yourself completely from your favorite ice cream. Ice cream for pregnant women made from pasteurized milk is completely safe and you can enjoy it without worry. Here are some other tips:

  1. Make sure you buy ice cream from famous brands from famous stores that follow hygienic methods.
  2. You can also check with management if the machine is cleaned regularly.
  3. Although freezing destroys various types of bacteria, it is not the case for listeria. Bacteria can still grow on ice cream in the freezer.
  4. Avoid ice cream from roadside stalls and exhibitions, because it is very possible that they are not followed by hygienic steps.
  5. Better to buy scooped ice cream. Because spoons are generally clean and intended for one customer.
  6. If you are health conscious as far as you think before eating ice cream, try yogurt with fresh fruits and chocolate syrup.

Misunderstanding About Ice Cream in Pregnancy.

Regardless of the benefits and risks of ice cream during pregnancy, there are some misconceptions associated with it. Let's look at:
  1. There is nothing but the myth that cold ice from ice cream can affect your baby's brain.
  2. You won't spend hours eating ice cream, cold can't affect your fetus!
  3. Pregnant women are generally satisfied with one or two servings of ice cream that does not expose your stomach to the cold in any way.
  4. In addition, when ice cream enters your stomach, it has melted completely because of your body temperature.
  5. If you are exposed to extreme cold for too long, your heart rate will slow down and blood flow to the fetus will also decrease.
Be sure to ask your doctor if you can consume ice cream while pregnant to avoid unwanted consequences. You can also enjoy enough.

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