How To Keep Relationship Strong After Having A Baby

The presence of baby can bring happiness to married couples. However, this does not mean that this change will be easy to pass. In order not to lead to a stretched relationship, there are some tips that can be done to maintain harmony your marriage relationship after having a baby. After the baby is born, many couples complain about various conflicts in the household. Starting from husbands who are arbitrary, to resentment due to lack of mutual understanding.

How to maintain harmony your marriage relationship after having a baby
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Changes that may occur

Household life is not always smooth, especially when the child is present, which means more demands must be met. Here are some changes that couples often complain about after having children:

1. Reduced attention.

Caring for a newborn baby does drain a lot of time, energy and attention. This also can cause a lack of attention to the partner. If before a wife can give full attention to her husband, after the baby is born of course this will all be reduced. Such problems are not always fully understood by the couple, so many husbands think that his wife is not paying attention to him.

2. Sex is often forgotten.

Sex after childbirth is generally recommended more or less after 6 weeks postpartum. It's just that, not all women feel ready to do it, because they are still traumatized by pain or feeling tired of taking care of the baby. If it is not communicated properly, this can cause intimacy between husband and wife to decrease.

3. It's hard to have time together.

When you don't have a baby, husband and wife can easily spend time together. However, this will be more difficult after having a child, because most of the time is taken up to take care of your child.
Finance is not managed stably.
Many women decide to stop working to care for their children, so income is only from their husbands. This can trigger stress and complaints, because it is considered inadequate to meet family needs, especially after the baby.

Tips for Maintaining the Harmony of Husband and Wife.

The transfer of a parent's role may make your responsibilities increase. But don't let all this activity make a husband and wife relationship become messy. Here are some things you can do to keep your marriage relationship harmonious after having a baby:

  1. No matter how tired you are, always try to take the time to tell how you feel today. Even though it's only 5 minutes a day, it's still better than nothing.
  2. Talking about children is fun, but that doesn't mean there's nothing else to talk about. So, try to discuss something else so you can insert your attention on the partner.
  3. When sitting together, show something that you miss by hugging or just holding hands. This is a good way to maintain the intimacy of both of you.
  4. If you find a problem, don't convey it with anger. This may not be easy, but try to say it in a softer way.
  5. Try to take one day a week, spending time. You can leave your child temporarily with a caregiver or family. Remember you are already a parent, but that does not mean forgetting your needs as a partner.
  6. If necessary, consult with a financial planner to help your budget detail properly. Wives who do not work may open small businesses, or husbands look for extra work to supplement their income. Money is often a problem, but not to damage the marital relationship.
Your marriage relationship may not feel the same after the birth of a child, for that it is important to maintain good communication. Make these changes as things that can actually strengthen the relationship of husband and wife. Especially now that there is a child who can add to the feeling of happiness in the family.

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