10 Reasons Why You Should Spend Time With Your Family.

Dad works in the office, Mum is busy taking care of the house or maybe also working in the office. Children? ... go to college or go to school, then play with their friends. Each has their own activities from morning until the night comes. Even at the end of the week many people are still busy with office activities. This is just one example that we found in daily routine experienced by most families. The big question is... When we spend time with family?

Spend time with family is something valuable moment in your life
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We really need to do a lot of effort to provide the best for the family to meet their needs. But it is also important to manage it well. Families don't just need good clothes, good food or a comfortable home. Your family also needs a togetherness. They need to interact with each other.

Arrange time to get together with family. Indeed, it's not an easy job, dividing your time with family. But however, the density of daily activities does not have to be an obstacle to staying together with the people we love. There is always time and place to gather with your family.

There must be joint efforts to be able to spend time with family. Invite your family to arrange time so that your family can have special times together. There are many benefits you can get by providing time to gather with family.

1. Strengthening family relations.

Families who often do joint activities will have a strong emotional bond. Doing hobbies together, exercising, watching movies, and reading books are examples of activities that can create a harmonious family. A family is not just living on one roof, but how everyone has a role to create interaction in the family.

2. Establish Positive Behavior.

Children and teenagers who spend more time with parents tend not to be associated with negative habits. According to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota in 2008, teens who having dinner with family five or more times a week tended to avoid the risk of substance abuse, compared to teenagers who were less than twice a week having dinner with family. Spending time together also reduces the risk of family conflict which usually has a negative impact on children.

3. Improve children's academic abilities.

Spending time with children actually can affect the level of children's educational abilities to be more better. Your presence plays a role to help them learn and encourage them to become more passionate. This is a good way to unite time together with study time. The children have more confidence when they are at school. Encourage children to be a person who can make good decisions. According to the study, children who spend time with their families watching less television and getting enough sleep have a lower likelihood of being obese.

4. Reduce stress.

Some studies show that togetherness in the family can have a positive impact both physically and emotionally on the individuals inside. Monotonous work and daily routines sometimes make a person's mood deteriorate and cause stress. Gathering with family can be the best solution to overcome this problem. Every family member will certainly give positive support; invite joking, laughing, be a good listener or exchange ideas in a more relaxed atmosphere. This is a medicine, a very cheap medicine to cure the fatigue and reduce the stress, and surely it will lead to a healthy family as well.

5. Increase happiness.

Another benefit is increased happiness. Because, when you get together with your family, you and other members can joke with each other. This is very good for increasing one's happiness. Because when gathered, stress will disappear, of course happiness will increase. Therefore, if you want to live happily, one way to get together with your family. Not only you will feel a happy life, of course other family members also feel the same way.

6. Family become the best place to share.

Togetherness in family will make family as the best place and best time to share stories, experiences, and share views on a topic. Every family member no longer needs to find another place to pour out his heart. Even children more feels free in telling their successes or failures. And parents will be easier to approach the problems faced by their children. This will be a very positive process to understand and recognize the character of each individual, and this is your time to instill family values in children.

7. Increase the sense of mutual need.

One of the important factors of happiness in the family is to have a sense of mutual need. Every persons in the family certainly wants to feel exist in the family, including wanting the others  to always be there for him/her.  To protect each other, share, and complement each other's shortcomings. No one feels more or less. Continuity of togetherness by giving positive feedback will greatly help and facilitate each individual to overcome their problems and shortcomings in the family.

8. More respect of each other.

Children will increasingly respect their parents, and parents will be the best figure or example for children. Likewise with their brothers or sisters, there will be a growing sense of mutual respect. Or even more positive impacts, each family member could be a figure for others. It's about convince yourself and others to be able to act as a motor of reconciliation in the family. Provide opportunities for each person to be able to develop their identity, and increased self confidence, especially in children.

9. Family become solutions and first place to learn.

There is no best place to learn and get a solution except back to the family. especially children, they experience a long journey to learn many lessons. Children will try to learn it in their own way and try to learn it elsewhere. But parents are the best first place for them to get to know the world. A family can be a place for discussion and sharing of knowledge. Children will also become more accustomed to differences of opinion and learn to express their opinions. A family becomes a small community to get solutions to various problems, and the first place that you can get full support.

10. The moments of life.

Moments with family in joy and sorrow are moments that are not easily forgotten. Anyone will always want to repeat it. This is the most meaningful and valuable moment in your life even for your next generation. A wonderful memories with family in the past will always give new enthusiasm to everyone. Grow self-confidence, strive to always improve self-quality, and think positively about the future, and certainly you will not feel alone because there are families who are always with you.

You should spend time with your family, because family is something most valuable in your life, and you can not replace it with anything. Now...forget your business for a moment, come to your family, because there are already a lot of loves waiting for you.

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