5 Causes of Stomach Cramps During Pregnancy.

There are two types of women who are pregnant. First are those who never get the disorder or just occasionally and they often experience cramps or contractions in the abdomen. Cramps in the stomach can be normal, normal, or even a sign of a disruption in the uterus.Check out some of the reviews below so you will know how to overcome stomach cramping problems during pregnancy.

How to overcome stomach cramping problems during pregnancy.

1. There is a change in the size of the uterus during fetus grows.

The first cause of abdominal cramps is a change in size of the uterus. As the age of the fetus increases, the uterus will become enlarged and depressed. This pressure will be stronger if the fetus in the uterus enlarges perfectly or is too large.

This pressure causes the stomach to experience cramps that are quite strong. This condition will get worse when the baby starts to move and kick. Cramps that occur in this condition are normal. Women can overcome it by giving compresses to areas that feel very sore.

2. The stomach is too much gas.

As the age of the fetus increases, the production of the progesterone hormone in the body will increase. This condition causes the digestion of women to experience a decrease in speed. This condition triggers the gas in the large intestine to increase and provide strong pressure on the stomach.

This condition can get worse if the size of the fetus is also enlarged. The pressure that gets stronger makes the stomach get sicker and harden. The best way to overcome this is to increase fiber content and limit fat because it is difficult to digest by the body.

3. Pressure on the joints, blood vessels, and muscles.

Women who are pregnant will experience significant weight gain. The body will begin to struggle to hold the load so that the woman is not strong enough to stand too long or sit too long. This body enlargement also puts pressure on all places including the stomach.

Fatigue and too high pressure also attacks the stomach area. Sometimes to just cough, a woman will feel pain. This pain can be lighter after being given angina oil or compressed with warm water.

Oh yes, because pain often appears, avoid doing activities that are too heavy, but also not passive. Women can still train their body on foot so that the body is not too stiff.

4. Changes in the position of the uterus.

When the fetus begins to enlarge, the uterus will tend to tilt left or right. The inclination of the uterus will make some ligaments on the other side to be attracted. Now, this ligament attraction causes considerable pain and the stomach often experiences cramps.

5. As a result of too intense sexual activity.

Abdominal pain can occur because the couple has too intense sex. When pregnant, sex can indeed be done, but there are still limits. If sex is done excessively it can be dangerous for the fetus and mother.

If pain is easily lost and does not cause other symptoms such as bleeding, women may not need to worry. However, if there are other disorders and the pain is increasingly unbearable, there are usually ovarian cysts, kidney stones, intestinal infections, to urinary tract infections. Check immediately.

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