What are The Symptoms of Stage 1 Breast Cancer?

Stage 1 breast cancer is an early stage breast cancer, where a 2 cm or smaller cancerous lump appears on the breast. This lump has not spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit or other structures around the breast.

Breast cancer is one type of cancer that is dangerous for women, after cervical cancer. Cancer cells will grow and attack your breast tissue, for example milk ducts, lobules (milk-producing plants), along with other supporting tissues such as fat tissue. So far there is no known exact cause of breast cancer, one thing that is known is this disease arises because of cell damage and changes in genetic traits in breast tissue.

Early examination of breast cancer
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Some things are often associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in women. These risk factors include unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and alcohol consumption, over 50 years of age, obesity, radiation exposure, hormonal disorders, the age of menstruation for the first time under 12 years, menopause at older ages, and heredity. A woman has a higher risk of developing breast cancer if there is a history of breast cancer in family.

The symptoms of breast cancer that you need to recognize.

Have a risk or not, of course there is nothing wrong to recognize the characteristics of breast cancer, especially stage 1 breast cancer. It aims to anticipate that you are not late to treat it. The characteristics of stage 1 breast cancer include:

The appearance of a lump in the breast.

Lump in the breast is one of the first signs of the emergence of breast cancer. This lump doesn't always hurt. However, not all lumps that appear in the breast are cancerous. This lump can be felt when you do a personal examination at home.

Breast skin color changes.

This color change is sometimes misinterpreted by infection. In fact, if you are not sure of a lump that appears inside the breast, changes in skin color are enough to make you more alert. At this stage, the breast skin will become reddish, such as irritation, skin texture and color, such as orange peel, and skin surface, the area of the breast affected by cancer appears to be curved, and skin thickening occurs.

Nipples hurt.

Other characteristics of stage 1 breast cancer are the appearance of changes in the nipple with pain. It may also be abnormal discharge from the nipple or nipple inward.

A lump in the armpit appears.

Even though it is called breast cancer, it does not mean that the lump under the armpit that you encounter has nothing to do with this cancer. The breast tissue extends below the armpit. This is why cancer can spread through the lymph nodes under the armpit.

To recognize the symptoms of stage 1 breast cancer above, try to diligently do BSE or Self Breast Examination every month. Diligently doing BSE ( Breast Self-Exam ) can also help you recognize the texture of your own breast tissue, so you can feel the irregularities in the breast and can be examined as early as possible. Early examination of breast cancer includes physical examination of the breast to the doctor, as well as mammography or breast ultrasound. The best time to do BSE is a week after menstruation ends.

Breast cancer is no less deadly than cervical cancer. The faster this disease is detected, the higher the success rate of treatment. To reduce the risk of cancer, it is recommended that you maintain your diet and live a healthy life, and routinely do BSE. If you feel the potential for breast cancer because you have a mother or blood relatives who have cancer, try to consult a doctor.

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