The Effect Of Wearing Tight Pants For Health.

So many clothing trends are currently emerging to make someone look more charming. Even, many people are willing to wear clothes that they feel are less comfortable so they look more beautiful or handsome, including wearing tight pants such as leggings or skinny jeans that sometimes torture them when they want to release them. So many consumers of tights, almost everyone must have these clothes at least one piece.

Tight pants make it difficult for the skin to breathe

Unfortunately, behind all the advantages, it turns out that there are some dangerous threats that lurk every wearer. Especially if these tight pants are worn by someone who has solid activities and always wants to move, it will be more risky. As for the danger of wearing tights for men and women, among others:

Causes Irritations and Fungi.

Tight pants make it difficult for the skin to breathe, if using tight pants so that the sweat fluid that comes out a lot and causes the skin to become moist, cause irritation and mold. In these conditions, mushrooms will develop more easily.

If this has happened, it can cause itching on the skin, especially in the hips to thighs. The mushrooms that usually grow in these parts also vary, such as ringworm mushrooms whose symptoms are prominent red and itchy, tinea versicolor which causes brown and white spots, and candida fungus which causes wet and itchy.

Leaving Black Scars.

Tight pants have a great influence on the condition of the skin between the thighs. Initially maybe mild inflammation can occur. But if the process lasts a long time, then black spots on the groin will arise. Whereas if someone has stopped wearing tight pants after previously getting black marks, then the black color can be reduced or disappear altogether. However, the process of removing black marks is not easy and does not require a short time.

Can cause infertility.

Wearing tight pants can cause infertility that can cause interference with the reproductive organs if used for a long period of time in women. This can happen because fungi that grow around the reproductive organs or intimate organs can affect the productivity of the egg, causing infertility. Not only that, vaginal discharge, itching, spots in the vaginal area to irritation can also occur in women. Therefore, women should wear skirts to dress so that infertility does not occur.

Decreased Sperm Production

A study shows that using tight pants for a long period of time can make sperm production decrease dramatically. For men, wearing tights makes sperm production decrease from those who should produce approximately 60 million / milliliters, to 20 million / milliliter if their use is carried out routinely.

This is because the sweat produced by the temperature around the reproductive device becomes increased or higher. This temperature is created due to pressure from these pants, so that sweat can not come out and moisture occurs around the male sex organs. The use of tights for a long time is indeed not recommended. Because, the sperm maturation process requires a temperature of about 1 to 2 degrees lower than the body temperature so that it can work properly.

Causes Paresthesia.

Paresthesia is a disease that makes the sufferer feel tingling and feels hot like a burning sensation. It is the use of tights that can make this disease happen so that this can make blood flow become smooth. As a result tingling to numbness will be experienced, including the thighs and hips that are usually attacked by this disease, because too often use tight repression.

Cause Blood Circulation Blockage.

Wearing tight pants can cause blockages in the blood circulation because blood vessels are compressed around the thighs, groin and on the intimate organs. In general, this bad circulation is commonly called varicose veins. Varicose veins not only occur due to using high heels, but apparently wearing tight pants can also be the cause. As a result, blood vessels can also freeze due to movement disorders limited by tight pants. Besides varicose veins, using tight pants can also cause swelling.

Infecting the Urinary Tract.

Using tight pants including using tight trousers, tight pants or not fitting around the groin, will endanger the health of its users. This has been revealed by Dr. Hillary Jones from TENA Brand Ambassador that using these clothes for a long time can lead to urinary tract infections. If this has happened, the bladder will experience weakness or can make the bladder too active. In addition, there are also many cases that occur that male testes will be vulnerable to sprains if they often use tight pants.

Damaging the Skin.

When someone uses tight pants, the skin will be easier to rub against the pants. If this happens, the skin will be damaged and can cause serious problems such as rashes and skin infections. Usually this infection occurs around the thigh because tight pants will tighten the wearer around the thigh. Moreover, if the tights are worn from coarse materials, it will certainly be more dangerous because it will cause greater friction.

Experiencing Neurological Problems.

If someone uses tight pants for a long time, it will cause neuritis from the outer thigh nerve or commonly known as Bernhardt syndrome so that it can make a person experience numbness, pain to tingling. In fact, health experts have repeatedly warned women that they will be more prone to suffer from neurological disorders if using tight pants. But if violated, it can cause deformation of body and nerve damage.

Disturb the Intestine.

According to Dr. Octaviano Bessa, an internist from Stamford Connecticut revealed that using pants that are too tight can interfere with intestinal mobility. This is what usually makes a person feel feeling uncomfortable and experience abdominal pain after two hours to three hours after eating. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that this can happen because of the tight pants used.

Out of breath.

Well tight pants can make us tight because blood circulation does not run smoothly, other than that another dangerous effect is to faint. Shortness of breath can also faint.

Trouble yourself.

The danger of wearing tight pants will certainly be troublesome for yourself, including because of various diseases that you will experience. Besides sweating will cause you to be uncomfortable with the conditions you are experiencing right now.

We can conclude that the danger of wearing tight pants does not only affect men, but also women. Even if the weather gets hotter, it can't be avoided that the dangers will get worse.

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