10 Household Chores Which Can Do With Children.

Can you ask the child to help with the task at home? Why not? Give the children to do chores can provide many benefits for children., such as honing their motor skills. Your child will also learn responsibility and build their self-sufficient. Here are the chores you can do with your child:

Give the children to do chores can provide many benefits for children

1. Tidy up the room.

Invite the children to tidy up the bed and put the messy toy in place. There is no need to criticize it directly if the results are not neat according to your expectations. It's best to praise and repeat again for example so that children understand better.

2. Sweep and mop the floor.

Start from cleaning their own room. Even though the results may not be clean, consider training for them. This activity will be more fun if done while singing or tuning his favorite music. Wear a mask on the child so he can avoid dust.

3. Washing clothes.

Ask your child to take dirty clothes, separate white and colored clothes, check each pocket / pocket - who knows someone is tucked in, and put dirty clothes into the washing machine. You just have to set up a washing machine working system. However, keep your child away from the switch and the power cord, and be careful with detergents and bleach.

4. Drying clothes.

Affairs of drying clothes, children can also be invited to join, provided you choose a low drying place or according to his height. Remind the child to be careful, so that the clothes do not fall to the floor and are dirty again.

5. Tidy up clothes.

Ironing clothes clearly cannot be handed over to the child, but you can ask your little one for help to fold the newly lifted clothes from the clothesline. Starting from the simple ones, such as handkerchiefs, towels and clothes. After ironing, the child can help store clothes in the wardrobe.

6. Shopping.

Invite the child to accompany you to shop at the supermarket, or the traditional market to be more exciting. When shopping, give your child the experience of choosing vegetables and fruit. Teach the child also how to interact with traders in traditional markets. Occasionally, ask him to greet the seller himself. However, keep an eye on your child, don't let him separate from you and immediately wash your child's body after shopping.

7. Preparing Food.

You can ask your child to help in the kitchen. Give him jobs such as washing ingredients, cutting materials using hands (not with a knife), and getting ingredients or cooking utensils that are easy to reach or carry. Finish cooking, you can invite your child to prepare a dining table.

8. Wash the dishes.

After meal, ask the child to bring the plate and glass to the sink. If you want, give him the task of washing his own cutlery that is not made of glassware. But you need to make sure the dishes and glasses are clean from leftovers or soap.

9. Watering the gardens.

Almost all children love to play water. Take advantage of their hobby to help you water the garden. To be more attractive, equip your little one with a raincoat and boot. After watering the plants and playing a little with the soil, immediately wash their body and give them drinks.

10. Washing the car.

Invite your child to wash the car together. Share tasks, for example you wash with soap, your child water the car. Using colorful equipment such as brushes, buckets, foam adds to the fun of car washing activities. Especially if the soap foam is abundant! Occasionally splash soap or water on the child's body, be careful not to get his eyes. The sensation of water splashes always attracts children's attention.

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