Quitting Smoking: First Step Towards Healthy Living.

If you want to live healthily, make your first step toward healthy living with quitting smoking. Most of the 4000 chemicals contained in a cigarette are toxic substances and can cause cancer.
Smoking cigarettes continuously are the same as accumulating toxins in the body that can adversely affect your health in the future.


Benefits of quitting smoking.

Convince yourself, that you will not experience any loss. Instead, you will get many benefits that you can feel after quitting smoking cigarettes.
  1. Look younger. Smoking can reduce oxygen intake to the skin, making your skin look old. But when you stop smoking, your skin will get more oxygen, thus preventing premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Avoid stress. Throughout this time you believe smoking can defeat stress. This impact is only short-lived. Nicotine is not a drug to reduce stress. Several studies have shown, the stress level of people who quit smoking will decrease than when they are still smoking.
  3. Increase fertility. The uterine lining and sperm quality will improve after stopping smoking. That means the opportunity to have children is higher than when they are still smoking.
  4. Better sex performance. By stopping smoking, the blood flow will become smoother and have a good effect on your sensitivity. The quality of sex will be better. Men will experience better erections, while in women they will be more easily aroused and have an orgasm.
  5. The smile looks more charming. Your teeth would be whiter and fresher than when you were smoking.
  6. Avoid deadly diseases. The risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart attack, oral cancer, throat cancer, lip cancer, and tongue cancer will decrease after you stop smoking.
  7. Have a healthy family. This is what's important. Your loved ones will be healthy because they are free from the dangers of cigarette smoke. Remember! secondhand smoke receives more bad effects from cigarette smoke than active smokers.

Immediately stop smoking.

It is so hard to stop your habit, especially for whose are already addicted to smoke. But, what so ever, you must have a great determination to change to a healthier life. Here are some tips to be free from smoking habits.

  1. Focus on its benefits. Focus on your desire to quitting smoking. Focus yours on the people you love. You must avoid them from the adverse effects of smoking.
  2. Set the date. There needs to be a definite date when you start doing it, even though there are only obstacles when you start trying it, like stress. Stress is the biggest obstacle you will experience when deciding to stop smoking. So when it's nearing the date, you must be prepared mentally and emotionally. Remember, don't delay it again. The sooner you start, the longer you live.
  3. Seek support. Express these good intentions to the closest people. Those who care about you, definitely, will support you to live healthily. You can also invite fellow smokers to stop together. 
  4. Avoid all triggers. Avoid everything that triggers to smoke, like gathering with friends who are smokers. Also, avoid places that are approximately filled with smokers. Also, remove all cigarettes or ashtrays in your home.
  5. Always prepare candy. If your desire to smoking has come, eat something, like candy. It can help you not to smoke.
  6. Move your body. In addition to making the body healthy, active activities can divert and reduce your desire to smoke. You can run 1-2 blocks around your house, jump rope, sit-ups or other sports that can be done without special preparation. You can also do the chores, such as sweeping, mopping the floor, or watering plants. When the desire to smoke appears in the office, you can divert it by moving from the chair and then going out of the room, up and down stairs, or light exercise like running in a place.
  7. Say no to smoke. If sometimes you are attending to smoke and say, "One stick doesn't matter." It's best to keep away from your mind. It would be a trigger to constantly smoking again and again.
Make your life better without smoking. Stop smoking should not be delayed again, start doing it from now on.

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