Best Aphrodisiac Foods To Improve Libido Naturally.

If you want to choose a natural way as an alternative to boost your sexual quality, you may try aphrodisiac foods to improve your libido naturally.

What is aphrodisiac exactly? Based on a study entitled Exploring Scientifically Proven Herbal Aphrodisiacs (2013) published in Pharmacognosy Reviews, aphrodisiacs are all products (drugs or foods) that are effective for increasing sexual desire. Although it sounds like a myth, some aphrodisiac foods, in fact, have been confirmed to increase performance in bed.

Aaphrodisiac foods benefits to increase your sexual desire.

Although not everything can be scientifically proven, some people believe that some types of food can increase sexual desire and function. Some examples of aphrodisiac foods include:

  1. Nuts. The content of nitric oxide in nuts can relax blood vessels, which can then increase blood flow throughout the body. If blood flow is smooth, sexual performance can be more maximal. Nuts are also believed to help increase energy, nerve cell responses, and the frequency of erections in men. In addition, nuts can make a woman's vagina more sensitive to sexual stimulation.
  2. Maca. There was a study from 2010 that processed data from four studies with 131 participants proving that the root of maca was truly effective for increasing male sex drive, after being consumed for a minimum of six weeks. Research written in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found the maca root improved sex performance and fertility of male rats after 15 days. Then, it was continued by giving root supplements to 25 men who had mild impotence. Twelve weeks later, men with an intake of maca root extract had a dramatic increase in sexual performance.
  3. Avocado. The Aztecs called the avocado tree a 'testicle tree'. This fruit which is rich in folate can help metabolize protein, vitamin B6, and potassium. This, in turn, will increase testosterone production and regulate the thyroid gland, two important elements in generating male and female libido.
  4. Hot Chilies. Compounds called capsaicin in chili are considered to increase blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation that is smoothly assessed can improve sexual function. In addition, capsaicin also releases endorphins, a hormone that plays a role in giving you a sense of comfort and happiness. In 1997, Dr. Michael Catherine, United States scientist from the Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology at the University of California, San Francisco, examined the chemical content of chili called capsaicin. Research links the spicy taste of chili with increased arousal due to the stimulant capsaicin.
  5. Asparagus. Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin E and is directly involved in stimulating the production of sex hormones in men and women. In addition, asparagus also contains folate which helps in increasing histamine, a chemical that is very important for male and female sex drive.
  6. Wine. A study in Italy conducted a survey of 800 women and found that those who consumed two glasses of wine per day turned out to have better sexual function and desire compared to those who did not consume alcohol at all, or even those who consumed more than two cups per day. The theory that underlies this research is that the high antioxidant content in wine is considered to help blood circulation.
  7. Dates. Dates that are found in the Arabian Peninsula has long been used as a traditional medicine to improve male libido. According to research, dates are rich in estradiol and flavonoids which can improve sperm quality.
  8. Chocolate. A component called phenylethylamine helps release endorphins. A study in the United Kingdom states that chocolate is even better than kissing in providing a comfortable and happy effect on someone. Make sure the chocolate you consume contains approximately 70% cocoa from the whole chocolate.
  9. Ginseng. Ginseng also believed have lots of aphrodisiac substances. Often used in herbal medicine, ginseng is one type of food that is considered capable of improving sexual function. There is a significant increase in libido level in women who take ginseng regularly. In addition, ginseng is also considered to treat erectile dysfunction in men.
  10. Ginkgo. This herb is very popular and is often associated with its ability to improve memory. Specifically, in sex life, ginkgo functions as an antidepressant or makes it relax. Ginkgo has the ability to increase blood flow to help maintain a perfect erection. According to the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, a study involving a number of impotent men, that consumption of ginkgo showed a positive effect after six weeks. After six months, half of the respondents get their erections back. 
  11. Honey. The content of honey can be contained in the original honey in the form of vitamins, zinc and vitamin E which have the effect of maintaining health and increasing testosterone production which can increase libido or sexual arousal. Honey also has vitamin B2 which is useful for helping reproduction and good sperm growth. Other content, B6 also has benefits that can be used as an immune hormone balance.
  12. Watermelon. Watermelon can help overcome the problem of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. A compound called citrulline can help improve blood flow to the penis without side effects like those caused by viagra. Citrulline is found in high concentrations in watermelon. Some researchers from the University of Foggia in Italy examined a number of men who had erectile dysfunction problems. At the end of the study, those who received a supplement containing L-citrulline experienced an increase in the EHS (erection hardness score) compared to before taking supplements.
  13. Apples. A 2014 study conducted on 700 women showed that those who diligently ate apples, about 1 to 2 pieces per day, had better overall sexual function compared to those who did not eat apples at all. Those who consume apples also have a better function of vaginal lubrication. This is associated with apples that are rich in phytoestrogens, a compound that mimics the hormone estrogen in the body.
  14. Basil leaves. Basil leaves contain 1-8 Sineol compounds that can overcome Premature Ejaculation disorders. Regular consumption of basil leaves is believed to increase libido and sexual endurance will increase. Apigenin fenchone and Eugenol substances contained in basil leaves can facilitate erection. While arginine substances contained in basil leaves can strengthen the sperm's life force and prevent sterility.
  15. Pomegranate. A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research and the findings of fertility clinics in the United States that pomegranate juice can have a positive impact on people with erectile dysfunction. Pomegranate juice has a strong antioxidant content so it can facilitate blood circulation. The smooth distribution of blood to the body, especially to the vital area of the male, is what works to increase libido.
  16. Bananas. Bananas have an enzyme called bromelain that can help increase sexual drive in men and women. The content is anti-inflammatory which is useful to trigger increased production of testosterone. 
  17. Seafood. Seafood has long been known as an aphrodisiac food to arouse sex. One reason is that seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and arginine which can help maintain heart health and protect the body's blood vessels from inflammation. In order to be aroused and eventually orgasm, you need to have a strong and smooth blood flow to the genitals and other sensitive areas. Smooth blood circulation can be obtained if you have a healthy heart and blood vessels. Omega-3 can also help increase dopamine levels in the brain which can increase the production of testosterone sex hormones in men and estrogen in women.
  18. Celery. Celery contains androstenol and androstenone which can help increase sex drive. Since centuries in Europe, celery is known as an aphrodisiac food for men. According to a number of studies summarized by Future Scopes, celery also has other chemicals that affect the production of the pituitary gland. These glands under the brain play an important role in regulating the level and activity of sex hormones in the body. Consuming sufficient amounts of raw celery can help overcome hormonal disorders that might affect a person's normal sex life.
  19. Black Cumin. This spice is in the form of black seed grains. It has been known for thousands of years ago and is widely used by the people of India, Pakistan and the Middle East to treat various diseases. Based on research, the content of zinc in black cumin can increase levels of free testosterone (the active hormone testosterone) in the body. then the active action of the testosterone hormone is increased libido, energy, and growth of immune cells.
  20. Strawberries. According to a nutritionist, Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, strawberries have a high zinc content. In men, zinc regulates testosterone levels needed for sperm production, while the efficacy of zinc in women if more high makes the body better prepared to make love. Strawberries also contain antioxidants. The antioxidant content in fruit helps facilitate blood flow, especially in the reproductive organs.
Regardless of the benefits of aphrodisiac foods as mentioned above, maintaining the vitality of the body by living a healthy lifestyle is also the best natural routine activities that you must do to improve your sexual life.

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